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Versace Pour Homme, 2008 100ml 范思哲 同名


Fragrance: fougere
Top notes: lemon, bergamot, neroli, rose
Middle Notes: Hyacinth, Cedar, Clary Sage, Geranium
Base note: tonka bean, musk, amber
Attribute: male fragrance

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“I found a fragrance that was strong, strong and strong enough for a confident and charismatic man. This fragrance is for a man with a strong personality who is not afraid to show his love for fashion and who enjoys wearing it with his natural style and individuality. Women wear it Walking lightly on catwalks, the pure white tulle dress flutters gently in the wind, like an angel descending lightly, the sound of high heels pierces the silence of the night. The vinyl record player instantly streams light music, and the shackles of the body are removed , the woman will be naked with the man, the kiss is just the prelude tonight, the photosynthesis of sexiness and heat is about to unfold… Stir the needle, music, time and space instantly condense, it turns out that everything comes from the classic men’s eau de toilette Magic. Inspiration elements come from the Mediterranean Sea – through the light and heat of the ocean, it releases the wisdom and confidence of modern men, as well as the deep connotation of establishing a harmonious relationship with nature. With a strong atmosphere of masculinity, it shows itself as the backbone Part of the man, its strong and warm character.The main idea of ​​this design is Medusa, the Greek serpent-haired goddess who is the brand’s emblem – the silver relief head of Medusa is set in the center of a transparent perfume bottle that looks like the blue Mediterranean, gazing at her supporters with stunning eyes. By. A modern fragrance that conquers the senses, classic and surprising. This perfume successfully combines hot and sexy elements, exuding a subtle masculine fragrance, full of temptation.


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