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Versace Bright Crystal, 2006 100ml 范思哲 晶钻女士(粉钻)


Fragrance: fruity floral fragrance
Top notes: Japanese grapefruit, pomegranate, ice
Middle notes: peony, lotus, magnolia
Base notes: Musk, Mahogany, Amber
Attribute: female fragrance

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“I wanted to dedicate my favorite fragrance to all the beautiful women in the world, so I created this classic fragrance that transcends time and space, in addition to bringing a fresh, seductive smell, and contains all my favorites Floral fragrance. In the bottle design, this perfume also reveals her super-modern classic elegance, exuding a fresh, sexy, and feminine brilliance. The exquisite bottle is like a finely carved transparent crystal Like, it has a pure and fine texture, which symbolizes that the fragrance of this perfume can bring pure, fresh taste and visual enjoyment. The bottle body exudes bright and brilliant luster, highlighting the noble, elegant and feminine boutique fashion of Xianglian Crystal style.In addition to having a resolute and confident personality, Xianglian Crystal also exudes feminine charm and is always full of seductive femininity. The delicate and elegant yet lively and interesting pomegranate fragrance, accompanied by the fresh, fresh, plump and mellow pomelo fragrance from the fashion essence Flowing out of the attached crystal bottle, at the same time, a fresh and cool fragrance like ice crystals is released gently, which skillfully blends the fragrance of pomegranate and grapefruit.


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