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Gucci Guilty, 2010 50ml/75ml 古驰 罪爱(原罪)女士


Fragrance: Floral oriental
Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Tangerine, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Lilac Peach Geranium Jasmine Blackcurrant
Base Notes: Patchouli Amber Musk Vanilla
Attribute: female fragrance

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The sinful woman is a glamorous girl, brave, fearless; she likes to show off her seductive looks; she’s known as a hottie, she loves fashion, she loves to go out and party, the only thing she wants is to satisfy herself, sin love Fragrances for women, never feel guilty about your pleasure. A beauty of the 21st century has fascinated everyone, and her bold attempts are impressive. An iconoclast lives repressed: forceful, aggressive, obsessive. Those behaviors that make some women feel guilty and uneasy will be particularly exciting to her, and she likes the kind of pleasure that goes beyond the limit. Women who use sin love love the pleasure of chasing danger! She is the creator of fate, she Knowing that what she is pursuing is Shiying, she also knows that she needs to be Shimo to realize her ideal. The men she picks are naturally obsessed with every moment they spend together. This unique person can never be satisfied. The sinful woman is so bold, fearless, and beautiful – she was always uncompromising in her pursuit of victory, and she will continue to be, always will be.


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