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Gucci 1921, 2021 100ml 古驰 炼金士花园 – 翡冷翠


Fragrance: Floral Chypre
Top note: Citron
Middle Notes: Neroli, Lemon Verbena
Base Notes: Oakmoss
Attributes: neutral fragrance

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Scent is inseparable from emotion, linking memory and the future. Alchemist Garden, a new luxury range of fragrances, was conceived in an alchemical laboratory. The luxurious essential oils and fragrance fragrance series prepared under the guidance of creativity include eau de toilette and mist. They are inspired by alchemy and fragrance making technology, and use modern molecular layering technology to ultimately customize personalized fragrances. Each fragrance has one of the brand’s representative elements as its core theme, and has a variety of combinations and superimpositions. Its customization and variability form a truly unique “scent”.


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