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Giorgio Armani Magenta Tanzanite, 2022,100ML 阿玛尼 高定私藏环游系列 – 洋红坦桑石(野游人)


Note: Spicy Oriental notes
Top note: Cardamom, ginger and bergamot
Medium: Cinnamon coffee myrrh
Afternote: Tobacco vanilla vanilla vanilla

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Enthusiasm in the rush, with the Yao Yang near.” Hunting in the wilderness, running between freedom, without hiding the enthusiasm of the heart, active and bold to the wild and the sky. Perfumer Violaine Collas delicately captures the dormant tension of the African wilderness as it recovers. The spicy collision of cardamom and cinnamon, the warm interweaving of coffee and myrrh, the sexy pursuit of tobacco and vanilla, exile self, shock out of the primitive wild. Considering the vast nature and magnificent culture of Africa, describing the fragrant impression of the African landscape, condensing and casting a master of olfactory art.


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