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Giorgio Armani Indigo Tanzanite, 2022,100ML 阿玛尼 高定私藏环游系列 – 靛蓝坦桑石(守望者)


Note: Wood Oriental notes

Top note: Almond bergamot lemon

Medium: heliotrope milk

Afternote: patchouli benin Laudan Tolu balsam

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The Armani Prive Tanzanite perfume is an ode to Africa. Legend has it that one night, a lightning bolt turned an ordinary stone into an extraordinary purple-blue gem. This gem is named after the only place on Earth where it can be found: Tanzanite. Inspired by this legend, Giorgio Armani imagined Tanzanite as the colors of night and dawn: indigo and magenta. Evoking the mysterious atmosphere of the Tanzanian plains and the gorgeous sky at dusk, evoking the purple-blue color of Tanzanite. Encapsulated in the iconic Armani Prive square bottle, the perfume gives a colourful look to the entire Tanzanite collection. The colour itself reveals the personality of the perfume – evoking the aura of the purple night sky that shrouds the plains of Tanzania. ARMANI/ PRIVE INDIGO Tanzan



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