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Dior Sauvage, 2015 100ml 迪奥 旷野


Fragrance: fougere
Top notes: bergamot pepper
Middle notes: Sichuan peppercorns, lavender, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli, geranium, elemi
Base notes: ambroxan, cedar, labdanum
Attribute: male fragrance

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Regarding perfume, I once said: “Perfume is a door to a whole new world, so I choose to make perfume. Even if you only stay next to the perfume for a while, you can feel the charm of my design. Every piece I dress up Every woman exudes hazy and seductive elegance. Perfume is an indispensable supplement to a woman’s personality. Only it can embellish my clothes and make it more perfect. Together with fashion, it makes women all kinds of charming.” The temptation of perfume, once he said: “I see myself as a perfume designer, just like I am a fashion designer.” Every woman who wears a costume will leave an unforgettable lingering fragrance after she passes by.” He once admitted that as a child he never dreamed of being a fashion designer. The first impression he can remember of women is not the clothes, but the smell of perfume on them


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