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Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau, 2022 100ml 迪奥 真我纯真


Fragrance: Floral
Smell: jasmine, green leaves, honeysuckle, magnolia, neroli, rose
Attribute: female fragrance

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The innovative water-based formula melts [fragrance] into water, and continues the photo series, a fragrance legend since 1999, with a graceful and flowery fragrance. [Fragrance] On the skin, it is smart and pure. The warm and sunny scent of Sabah jasmine meets the silky fragrance of Chinese magnolia. The orange blossom water is fresh and sparkling. It is interpreted with pure and smart fragrance to present the true white chanson of me. The cutting-edge formula technology creates a long-lasting water-based fragrance that keeps the pleasant fragrance lingering. The new “fragrance wearing” method, spray as you like, and soak in the fragrance mist, the fragrant water mist is delicate and soft, the graceful floral fragrance is gently wrapped, and the aftertaste is melodious. Legendary true self bottle, pure transformation: The soft mist-like and elegant milky white bottle presents a petal-like soft texture.


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